What We Believe

Anyone can start taking care of their skin. Men and women of all ages and skin types have some sentiment towards their skin and usually this sentiment leans towards insecurity in their skin or just indifference. For us, we believe that the use of our products would open up the eyes of these people to see their true beautiful skin; changing the minds of the indifferent and insecure to confidence and dedication in skincare

Designed for Real Life

When designing products we take into account the rough and tough of everyday life. This is why we have made our products to be durable and portable for everyday care. Whether you are going to vacation, your own home or a remote part of the world, you can have the skin care products that matter wherever you go

We Give Back

Here at Coterie Fresh N’ Clear we believe making a positive impact for the people around us is the least we can do. That is why we are partnered with One Mama, an organization fighting for the Joy of mothers in impoverished regions of the world. They help build clinics, supply funds for medical equipment and medication and help build stronger infrastructure for the communities who need it most. When you buy a Coterie product you are also donating to this wonderful organization which helps to save mothers and their children’s lives. Visit onemama.org for more information about the great work they are doing.

Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear products are long-tested quality tools that are effective in helping rebalance and sustain the skin. Our team of proven experts is receptive to innovation and our products reflect our creed that healthy skin is for everyone, males and females of all ages and backgrounds.

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