Coterie fresh ‘n clear  

Design For Inclusivity

Inclusivity is an aspect that we consider and pride ourselves on when designing our skincare products. Making sure that everyone feels and looks amazing from their beauty products is important to us and everyone should have the right device that can make them feel that way.



Complimentary one year warranty on all Coterie devices


Our products are built with 20 years of expertise and tested with highly trained estheticians



Our products are made to last and do the job just how you want it

Coterie fresh ‘n clear

Products Presentation

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Skin feels so much softer and cleaner after using it with my daily cleanser! Definitely recommend it!”


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to wait until I had a good two weeks of continuous use and now that I have all I can say is wow. Some of my favorite things used to be sleeping and eating, but now after using this Coterie fresh n clear revive brush my new favorite thing is washing my face (don’t get me wrong, I still love to sleep and eat lol). And to rave on, even more, I’m a type 1 diabetic and this revive brush is gentle enough for my sensitive skin to use DAILY! .. so i do, TWICE a day even.


“Definitely the best ultrasonic brush on the market! Not only does it help deep cleanse your face but it is also a great tool to use for serum penetration.”


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